Social distancing and the introvert

This is somewhere around day 46 or 47 of our stay-at-home order. Our office physically closed around March 11. The students were told not to return from spring break and that classes would be conducted online.

So for over a month now, I — like so many other people around the world — am working from home. I go to the grocery once every two weeks or so. I go to the pharmacy for prescription refills and, if necessary, I go to the convenience store for snacks if I’m really craving something. My car is getting about three weeks to the gallon. Continue reading “Social distancing and the introvert”

I had a dream

Part of my job is copy editor. For those who look at this blog and say, “You must be crap at it,” please remember that it is exceedingly difficult to proof your own work. Plus I can’t type worth a damn.

Today at work, I was proofing a news release that had already been checked over by my boss. For the record, the man is a god when it comes to AP and University styles. However, there are times that I find things that slip through the cracks. There were two things today that I let slide because, while they are not preferred, they are allowed by AP. The parentheses  — there was really no way around. The semi-colon — there was. But because it had already been approved and is allowed but not preferred, I didn’t even bother to question.

Obviously, my subconscious is rebelling. Therefore, The Dream.

I had a dream that, as part of a marketing campaign, there were thousands of copies of paper products printed with all these words in varying sizes and fonts. It was supposed tag different aspects of the “student experience” here at our university. There were brochures, napkins, cups and all sorts of other stuff. I picked up a cup and said, “They do know, don’t they, that it’s ‘housing’ — not ‘housin?'”

In the next split second that was both dream and awake, I thought, “I really need to get a different job.”