A living memorial? Or a home?

Several months after mom’s death, I sorted through clothes and some personal items, but I never quite go around to going through the bulk of what was left behind. I moved into the bedroom and that was about it.

It was beginning to feel like a living memorial to mom. Not only is mom not coming back, now that she’s fully in her right mind again, she wouldn’t want to.

There are many things I want to do, but no money for anything major. No pulling up the carpet and laying a wood floor. No kitchen reno. So I’ve come up with ideas of things I can do on my tight budget.

I can paint the linoleum floor in the kitchen, the kitchen cabinets, and eventually get a new counter top and sink. The carpet — there’s nothing I can do but get it cleaned — eventually. Area rugs on top of that.

This past month I started digging in for reals.

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Barndom knit along/kill along — same thing

WARNING: My non-knitting followers might want to skip this unless you’re interested in a seeing a grown woman throw a tantrum. If you’re entertained by someone else’s nuking, by all mean, enjoy!

I’ve been knitting for many years. Many, many, many years. I teach knitting. I read patterns and charts. I have charted patterns and written patterns from charts. I have designed a couple of sweaters, socks, mitts and shawls. I have altered instructions for more items than I can count. In short, I know WTF I’m doing.

When writing a pattern, I assume I am writing it for a blind knitter with limited experience in charts and abbreviations. This means I ignore the fact that there might be clues in a photo and I write an abbreviations legend to fit the pattern. I guess that’s just me.

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Socks, socks, stockings

I have been in a sock frenzy for a long time. Socks are an easy project to throw in my bag and carry with me. No one gets particularly upset if I’m knitting socks at a meeting. Since I don’t have to look at what I’m knitting, people don’t get annoyed thinking I’m ignoring them. I can talk and knit, listen and knit, read and knit, watch TV and knit, etc. It helps concentration. I don’t feel as though I’m wasting time just sitting. I was at a conference in Gettysburg last Friday. I didn’t do any knitting at the conference itself, but I did in the van on the way back.

Yesterday, I sat on the porch of Cafe Lemont, drinking tea and knitting with a friend. I have two more repeats to knit and then I bind off for the toe. As a result, one more sock is almost done. I should be able to wear them to the Spikes opening game tomorrow.

The Spike are a short-season New York – Penn League rookie team for the Pirates. The season home opener is one I look forward to every year. This year it’s supposed to be hot with a possibility of rain. I want my Spikes and I want my fireworks. I will not be happy if it gets rained out! I will be starting another pair of socks by that time. I can definitely knit and watch a game!

I have so much sock yarn, the problem is what pair to start next! On Saturday I got six skeins to knit long stockings from the pattern in Joy of Sox. I think I will do those toe up. That way I can try them on as I go. The Sock Knitter’s Handbook is an excellent book. It has become my go-to for methods. I have the pattern from one book, but will use a heel method from the handbook. I also have Cast On, Bind Off for hints on a super-stretchy bind off method.

I keep thinking maybe I have too much sock yarn for socks. Maybe I should weave something with some of the sock yarn as warp. Maybe. I have seen some lovely things woven with patterned yarns. I could use a lighter yarn for the weft. I’ll have to give that some consideration.