Quandry … solved!

“I never win anything.” I can’t say that anymore. One of my favorite authors, Darynda Jones, has a new book coming out October 2. “Death and the Girl Next Door” is the beginning of her new YA series.

“Death and the Girl Next Door ” by Darynda Jones

I am on Goodreads and they were having a contest to win a pre-release dtb (dead-tree book) and I don’t read dtbs because I have a Kindle. The book is not yet available for Kindle pre-order, but as soon as it is. I’m buying it. I figured I don’t win stuff so what the hell — enter the contest.

Last night I get an email saying I won! Woohoo!!! But I don’t read dtbs. So what to do? Write back and say “thanks, just kidding” and not get the book early? Oh, I don’t think so. My solution is to read it, still order it on Kindle as soon as it’s available, and pass the book on to a friend when I’m finished. She doesn’t have a Kindle, I’m buying a copy to no one it out money, and I’m introducing her to a new-to-her New York Times best-selling author! Everyone wins!