Trials of a serial reader

I’ll admit it. I read a lot of what is often called “trash” — romance novels, paranormal romance, cozy mysteries and chick lit. You know, the basic escapism fare. My life is real enough; I don’t want to read about someone else’s drama.

For my escapism tastes, I blame Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. I also blame my paternal grandmother and my favorite bands, including but not limited to: Kings of Leon, matchbox 20, Maroon 5 … Hey, gotta blame someone, right?

I fell in love with Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy at a young age; ergo I love reading romance novels. Because I must like the characters if I’m going to bother reading, I am likely to read a series if the author has written a series. I don’t heart permanent goodbyes, even if the people are fictional. If Pride and Prejudice had been a series of books, I would have read them all.

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A child’s tea and Black Dagger Brotherhood?

Today my mom was telling me about a scene from her childhood. She was about four years old. It was the early 30s and her dad hunted to help feed his family. He kept a kennel of hunting dogs. This was serious business and the dogs were vicious, feral hunters — not pets.  The kids were told to stay away from those dogs. Her father was always afraid the dogs would rip the kids apart if they got hold of one.

Mom was never one for minding. One day she decided to hold a tea party. Since she didn’t have dolls or any of her friends close by, she had to be a little more inventive about guests. The dogs were in the kennel and no one else was around so the dogs became the lucky attendees.

Mom dressed the dogs in dresses and hats, set places at her table and they all had tea.

Her father cam home and saw the dogs were out of the kennel. He panicked. With visions of the dogs roaming the area, attacking area animals and children, he went running around to the side of the house to start his search. There he saw the dogs at the table with my mom.

Her dad almost had a heart attack.

When he tried to go to her, the dogs turned, growled at him and went back to their tea.

As my mom was saying this, the Black Dagger Brotherhood popped into my mind. Zsadist’s daughter, Nalla,  would probably want to play tea at some point. Like most little girls, she wold probably get daddy to come to her tea. So there’s the image: the Brotherhood — the king, John Matthew and Blay  included — sitting around a tiny table, drinking juice from tiny cups as Nalla held court. I can even see Rhage donning a picture hat.

I blame J. R. Ward for this warped image. Thanks, lady!

The King

Place holders

That’s what I feel like I’m reading now: place holders. Books that I might not normally read, I am reading now. There are so many books coming out soon by authors I love. I don’t want to start a book that I won’t want to put down when Death, Doom and Detention or Lover at Last. Until then I read “cozy mysteries,” paranormal romance/comedies/mysteries, trash and smut.

For anyone who has never heard the term, a “cozy mystery” is a light, themed mystery. They’re generally not too deep and have cute names. “Raiders of the Lost Corset,” “Kitty Kitty Bang Bang” and “Armed and Fabulous” are examples of the genre.

Trash is not pejorative. Neither is smut actually. Both are simply fluffy genres I like to read while waiting for other books to be delivered to my Kindle.

At the end of February, Black City comes out, followed in March by Always on my Mind, Death, Doom and Detention and Lover at Last.

I was disappointed in the newest in the Fallen Angels series by J. R. Ward. I got about half way through and put it aside. I didn’t care about the guy whose soul they were fighting over or the woman who was falling in love with him. I do care about the “dead” angel whose body they are guarding, but apparently nothing new happens on that front in this book.

The most recent two books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series were engaging enough to keep me reading through them even if I didn’t particularly care for the main characters in either one. Payne seemed to change her personality by the time we see her in Lover Unleashed. I don’t particularly give a rat’s about Manny. The entire “sexual healing” thing was a bit of a bore. What saved that book was my man Vishous. Jane was a bit of a snooze, but she has been since she died and became a ghost. And don’t you just hate when that happens?

Lover Reborn was ok — again because I didn’t really care about Tohr or his love, but Lassiter is fun and the rest of the plot is interesting. I have high hopes for Lover at Last and can’t wait for it to be released.

Darynda Jones is releasing Death, Doom and Detention early in March. It’s a YA book — a genre I don’t normally read, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Credit to the writer for her storyline and style.

Bella André has a book out the same day. My Kindle is going to be catching two books at once. Maybe I’ll read whichever book downloads first.

From February 26 through August 1, there will be at least one book per month, sometimes two or three new book from some of my favorite authors for me to look forward to. So far. Oh, the excitement is building! Until then, my placeholders are nice little reads.