Socks, socks, stockings

I have been in a sock frenzy for a long time. Socks are an easy project to throw in my bag and carry with me. No one gets particularly upset if I’m knitting socks at a meeting. Since I don’t have to look at what I’m knitting, people don’t get annoyed thinking I’m ignoring them. I can talk and knit, listen and knit, read and knit, watch TV and knit, etc. It helps concentration. I don’t feel as though I’m wasting time just sitting. I was at a conference in Gettysburg last Friday. I didn’t do any knitting at the conference itself, but I did in the van on the way back.

Yesterday, I sat on the porch of Cafe Lemont, drinking tea and knitting with a friend. I have two more repeats to knit and then I bind off for the toe. As a result, one more sock is almost done. I should be able to wear them to the Spikes opening game tomorrow.

The Spike are a short-season New York – Penn League rookie team for the Pirates. The season home opener is one I look forward to every year. This year it’s supposed to be hot with a possibility of rain. I want my Spikes and I want my fireworks. I will not be happy if it gets rained out! I will be starting another pair of socks by that time. I can definitely knit and watch a game!

I have so much sock yarn, the problem is what pair to start next! On Saturday I got six skeins to knit long stockings from the pattern in Joy of Sox. I think I will do those toe up. That way I can try them on as I go. The Sock Knitter’s Handbook is an excellent book. It has become my go-to for methods. I have the pattern from one book, but will use a heel method from the handbook. I also have Cast On, Bind Off for hints on a super-stretchy bind off method.

I keep thinking maybe I have too much sock yarn for socks. Maybe I should weave something with some of the sock yarn as warp. Maybe. I have seen some lovely things woven with patterned yarns. I could use a lighter yarn for the weft. I’ll have to give that some consideration.

Story of my yarn (life)

Yep! This is so me. Originally posted by KnitPicks on Facebook 6/5/12, but this is me. I have so much yarn I can’t seem to knit fast enough. Luckily, with my Kindle, I can knit and read at the same time as long as it’s not a pattern where I have to pay  attention. If it’s socks, after cast on, I’m good to go until the heel. When I used to ride the bus and people would look at me as though I was doing some amazing feat of magic because I would kit and look out the window, knit and talk, or knit and read. It’s not rocket science, people. Truly.

I have to find a way to store the yarn so I can at least move my loom over to the sliding door. I’ve had the loom there in other apartments in the complex and I really like it there. I just have to move some of the yarn out of the way. Weaving will also help whittle down some of the stash so I have room for MORE!

I’d also like to get some shelving so I can organize some of my supplies and tools. I’d also like to get some of my photos around. Maybe some of my special glass pieces.

Make it look like I live there instead of just a place to stash my stuff — what a concept!

Yarn, Tupelo honey and CCD

I was a bad girl. I went to the yarn shop in Duncansville. I was going to go with Ruth but she was sick. Mom decided she wanted to ride along. What a lovely day it turned out to be!

I wasn’t going to buy yarn. I really wasn’t! No! REALLY!! But Carla got Louet’s Gems in and she had it in lavender and one with a lavender stripe and she was gently waving them back and forth at me and I could hear them calling my name and …

well … I caved. Alright? I caved.

Mom was pretty good about it. The color, I mean. I could hear her mentally screaming “NOT PURPLE!” but she didn’t vocalize.

Then we went next door to the tea shop. I treated mom and myself to a fresh-brewed iced tea. Heavenly. That’s also when I picked up my Tupelo honey.

As it turns out, Tupelo honey is very expensive for honey. All honey has increased in price since CCD (colony collapse disorder). Even the naff stuff you get from the supermarket has gotten more expensive. Just because the bees aren’t given special pollen to collect doesn’t mean its any easier or that more are around to do it.

We(Penn State in general and University Relations in particular) have been putting out stories on CCD for a couple years (big surprise since several of our researchers are leading the investigations into the cause!) but out at Ag Progress I learned a couple of things: CCD isn’t any closer to be solved because more possibilities for the cause keep popping up; it doesn’t affect all colonies in the same area; honeybees, while being “general” pollinators, do not pollinate every flour, fruit and vegetable. The bumbles take care of the tomatoes. Now I’m sure if there was not much else to select from, a honeybee might deign to stop by a tomato plant but that’s not their pollen of choice.

Of course CCD isn’t affecting the other bees because they aren’t the communal creatures honeybees are. By the same token honeybees are the ones with the honey.

All this talk of pesticides in the hive wax makes me wonder about burning beeswax candles. I really hate the idea of not being able to have my beeswax candles.

Back to the Tupelo. I did have a moment of guilt thinking about the hard work the bees did and the decreasing number of bees. However that moment passed rather quickly. There is also another honey I saw that I need to get then next time: rosemary and lavender! I have no idea how that will taste since the honey doesn’t taste like the pollen doesn’t taste like the flower.

Poor bees. No two ways about it, I’ll be snapping up more of their yummy honey. They’ll just have to learn to deal. After all, this is about me and not them, Uh hu. Sure.

Second guess

Every once in a while a yarn comes along that is so wonderful you have trouble figuring out how to use it. That was the case with Blueberry Patch. So I made my own pattern.

Now I look at it and say “I think maybe the basic sock would have been really nice as well.” So maybe I need to get another skein of that yarn and knit plain socks. The Yarn Harlot says that buying sock yarn isn’t really adding to your stash. I don’t just believe that; I LIVE that!

I really have to take the time and photograph the yarn. Then upload it to Picassa and then Ravelry. It is a must. I am working on a shawl and don’t have any pictures. Worse, I finished a shawl aside from blocking and don’t have pictures!

I’ll be wearing the Cone of Shame if I don’t correct this soonest!

Last night I watched “Lost in Austen.” Very cute. I love Jemima Rooper. She was great in that and in “Hex.” Christina Cole was in “Austen” and “Hex” too but this time the roles were a bit reversed. Alex Kingston played Mrs. Bennett. I recognized her as Dr. Corday on ER. Hugh Bonneville was the father. I had seen him in “Notting Hill” and “Vicar of Dibley.” There were several other actors I recognized. They were all well cast except perhaps for Jane.

Now I have to go drop the DVD in the mail so I can get the next from Netflix!

Again with the stash!

I’ve been thinking there has been something missing. Like most of my yarn! As I think it over, I tell myself that I don’t have that much yarn out at the storage area. I can’t imagine that I have put yarn where I can’t readily look at it and touch it.

As it turns out I have at least five large bins, at least three small bins and a couple of boxes out there with yarn in them. Yikes! I wonder if I can get the large economy size bag of moth balls. Do they sell the stuff in 20 lb. bags?

I have to get out there and catalog the yarn I have. On the other hand I had some very pleasant surprises. I had yarn and projects that I had forgotten about in the year since I moved.