Again with the stash!

I’ve been thinking there has been something missing. Like most of my yarn! As I think it over, I tell myself that I don’t have that much yarn out at the storage area. I can’t imagine that I have put yarn where I can’t readily look at it and touch it.

As it turns out I have at least five large bins, at least three small bins and a couple of boxes out there with yarn in them. Yikes! I wonder if I can get the large economy size bag of moth balls. Do they sell the stuff in 20 lb. bags?

I have to get out there and catalog the yarn I have. On the other hand I had some very pleasant surprises. I had yarn and projects that I had forgotten about in the year since I moved.

Why the stash?

Non-knitters sometimes ask the silliest questions! “Why do you have all this yarn?”

Lots of reasons!

1) I see the yarn in the store for a project that will be next in line. I can’t be sure I’ll finish (or even start) before the dye lot is sold out so maybe I should buy a few extra skeins just in case. Once the project is done and I have the leftovers (whole or partial skein doesn’t matter at that point) there’s nothing for it but putting it in the stash. Take the whole skeins back to the store? That’s just crazy talk!

2) I see the yarn in the store and I think of a project I’d love to do so I buy the yarn for that project. But something comes up (like another project) and I don’t get a chance to cast on or warp the loom. What else can I do but put it in the stash?

3) I see yarn in the store and I buy it because of the color (texture, etc.) but I don’t know what I’m going to use it for quite yet. I’ll know the perfect project when I see it. However if I don’t buy it now the perfect project will come along and I won’t be able to get that yarn. Stash now; knit later.

4) I see yarn in the store and it’s on sale! I don’t know what I’ll use it for yet but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out something. I mean, look at it! How can it not be great for something? And the price! That’s such a good price! Buy it; stash it.

5) I see the yarn in the store and I just have to have it — hmmm, a pattern emerging? — because I’m a hoarder of yarn and it’s mine, mine, all mine!

“Once there is a stash, why buy more? Why not work from the stash?”

That’s just more crazy talk! The stash is where all the ideas come from. It’s the “cabbage patch” of projects, if you will. There sit all the skeins of yarn. Look at the way they can be combined and ideas will just pop into your head. A Plethora of projects. All the possibilities are right there before your eyes. Once you make a choice, all the possibilities disappear as if they were never there at all.

That idea depresses me. Excuse me. I’m going to the yarn store now. I need to buy some yarn in order to get out of this funk.