Dear Dan,

I saw “Milk” this evening. It’s brilliant and Sean Penn certainly deserved the Oscar for his performance. The movie was as hard to watch as it was to live through. Funny, the ending didn’t change either. There were sweet and funny bits but Harvey still won the seat but ultimately died for who he was.

Of course all I could think of was your love of San Francisco. That led me to think a lot about you. The suicide and the deaths in the film made me wonder all over again.

It’s a very bad night.

I miss you.


Dear Dan,

I have been reflecting on yesterday’s election and those of years past. There are several reasons I’m sorry you aren’t here for this moment in history.

First for the obvious – you aren’t here and you should be. Period.

Second – for all the work you did for the Democratic party. All the work you did for Joe, Clinton, McGovern, all candidates, local and national.

Third – you were a supporter for Jesse Jackson back in the day. You had the right idea but the wrong candidate. Jesse was in the crowd last night, weeping for joy. Even though Jesse and Barack had issues, there is still so much for Jesse to be proud of in his fight along the way.

McCain was gracious in defeat and I can see the attitude and spirit that made me respect him even though I don’t agree with him.

Barack, Michelle and the children are going to be an amazing representation of our country.

And Dan, when you talk to Toot, please tell her how much mom and I adore her grandson. Please tell her we’re sorry she isn’t here as well.

I love you, bro.