Vocation Vacations

“Thanks to my experience with Vocation Vacations in 2005, I am pleased to report I have taken the plunge and now work as a full-time professional photographer!”

Dan Chaffee, Kansas City, MO Photographer Vocationer
This is a little something I found on the web not too long ago. Along with his bequest notes that were found after he died, Dan also left a release form for the site/the book. I want to get the book and look it over.

Dan was so excited about VocationVacations finding a photographer in the KC area that he could work with. He got the opportunity to go on a fashion shoot and look over the photographer’s shoulder more or less. The assistant would set up the shot and the photographer and Dan would discuss it. Dan was allowed to look through the lens to see exactly what the photographer was seeing. He was also allowed to use his own camera to take some shots along with the professional.

Later Dan worked as a photographer. He had shows in KC. He went to the Costa Rican rain forest on a photo safari. He won second place with this photo:

Poor Scott

My poor brother. He called last night. During the conversation, I brought up about the CPU I had given him.
Me: “You know the Dell that you loaded all the HP drivers onto? And then you loaded all the AOL stuff on and it wouldn’t boot?”
Him: “Yeah.”
Me: “Well I got it to boot. I booted in safe mode. Then I deleted all HP stuff; all AOL stuff; then I did a restore as far back as it would allow.”
Him: “OK.”
Me: “Then I did a disk wipe; deleted the partition; reinstalled the partition; reinstalled XP.”
Him: “Good.”
Me: “Then I donated it to the Obama campaign.”
Him: “I see.”
Me: “In your name.”
Him: (dead silence .. and then) “You didn’t do it in MY name, did you?”
Me: “Yeah! I know you’re a huge supporter and would want … Of course I didn’t!”
Him: “Whew!”
Me: “Only because I didn’t think of it at the time.”
Scott is a “right wing hard hat in a family full of liberals.” I’m not sure McCain is conservative enough for him. Sometimes I think maybe the religious right is a little liberal for his tastes. But he’s the only brother I have anymore and I adore him.
I’m still winding out the warp. About 1/4 of the way through. I’m doing that in between ripping the songs from CDs so I can get rid of most of the collection. The external hard drive takes up much less space.