TBR and Sookie, Sookie Sookie

So many books; so little time. My TBR pile is getting larger and larger. Knowing there are plenty in the TBR makes me very happy.

Knowing my favorite authors have great reads coming to my DTR (Dying To Read) pile makes me ecstatic. Soon Fifth Grave Past the Light by Darynda Jones is coming out. I read the first chapter. I want more and I want it now.

I am also looking forward to Entwined in You by Sylvia Day, Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Possession by J. R. Ward, A Cookbook Conspiracy by Kate Carlisle, Black Heart by Christina Henry, and Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. This only the barest few that I have pre-ordered for my Kindle. I will pre-order Death and the Girl He Loves and Sixth Grave — both by Darynda Jones — as soon as they are available for Kindle pre-order. There will be another Black Dagger Brotherhood book somewhere along the line. Thank god for my Kindle. I don’t have room in my condo for all the books.

I am currently reading — and have just about completed — the newest and last Sookie Stackhouse book. I don’t usually write a review before finishing, but I have serious doubts that I will make it to the final chapter. If I don’t write the review now, I might never get the chance. This from a person who has just recently realized she doesn’t have to finish a book just because she started it.

There are reports of people being so upset about this book that Charlaine Harris is receiving death threats. Seriously, people, get a grip. It’s bad — but not THAT bad. It is a work of fiction, after all. Take a step back and breathe.

WARNING: This is a spoiler alert. Not much of one, but I was accidentally spoiled and I don’t want to do the same to someone else.

Here’s the bit of a spoiler








Alrighty then. You were warned.

Charlaine Harris kept saying that we had not yet met Sookie’s HEA. Well, either she lied or Ms. Harris decided she didn’t want to invest the time creating a new character and backstory because we have, indeed, met the HEA.

Maybe if the author hadn’t drawn in every single character still existing from the previous  12 books, she would not have felt so overwhelmed and would have been able to keep her word. What a convoluted mishmash! Storylines from all over the damned place. Even the devil makes an appearance. Really? The devil? Does anyone honestly think that was necessary? There is every other supernatural being in creation and yet that wasn’t enough. The line into theology just had to be crossed as well. Sure, when every other plot trick has been used and abused, there’s nowhere else to go but to angels and demons.

I thought True Blood was getting outlandish in their plotlines, but they have nothing on Dead Ever After. At last True Blood has humor along with the over-the-top writing, blood, guts and schlock. That’s more than I can say for book 13 of The Southern Vampire Mysteries. I understand there is a follow-up compendium that tells what happens to all the characters ever mentioned. According to the teaser “This coda provides the answers to your lingering questions—including details of Sookie’s own happily-ever-after…” The problem is, I don’t know if I care enough about the answers to bother reading the Last, last book.

Schlow Library

Dear Dan,

Every morning as I come to work I pass Schlow Library. Every morning as I pass Schlow mom tells me that she thinks of us when we were kids and used to go to the library when it was on College Avenue.

Schlow started in a wonderful house owned by the Schlows (ergo the name.) There were back stairs and cozy corners to sit and read. It was a magical place. I remember one room in particular. Down one set of back stairs there was a small room with built-ins. The “Wizard of Oz” books were on a low shelf. I used to sit on the floor and read. When it was time to leave, you would find me in there and we would go down the next flight of stairs to the check-out desk.

Mom always gave us enough money for a soda and a phone call.

One day Dan and I had spent the afternoon in the library, got our sodas and Dan made the call. Unfortunately he called the wrong number with our last dime.

My mom got a call from some woman who was laughing. Mom was ready to hang up but the woman apologized and asked her not to. When she was finally able to speak, she told my mom that Dan had called her.

The woman told Dan she wasn’t his mother Dan asked, “Does this mean you aren’t going to pick us up?”