Confessions of an OCD knitter

Still working on the Barndom shawl. I haven’t done anything with it for four days. Aside from one minor rant over the instructions — Yo, West! “k until 2 before marker, k2” is K TO MARKER! — I’ve been knitting along, happy as an annoyed clam.

Suddenly, BAM! I have no earthly idea why, but I counted the stitches between markers. One side of the shawl is correct. One side is not. Amend that: one section is not.

Now, mind you, the pattern doesn’t give any indication of the number of stitches I should have, but simple logic and an understanding of where the pattern is headed tells me how many stitches I should have between different markers at this point.

So now I have to look at the options: A) fudge it or B) rip it back.

Would it be a minor fudge?  Yes.

Are there enough pattern repeats for the fudge without messing up what comes after? Yes.

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Barndom knit along/kill along — same thing

WARNING: My non-knitting followers might want to skip this unless you’re interested in a seeing a grown woman throw a tantrum. If you’re entertained by someone else’s nuking, by all mean, enjoy!

I’ve been knitting for many years. Many, many, many years. I teach knitting. I read patterns and charts. I have charted patterns and written patterns from charts. I have designed a couple of sweaters, socks, mitts and shawls. I have altered instructions for more items than I can count. In short, I know WTF I’m doing.

When writing a pattern, I assume I am writing it for a blind knitter with limited experience in charts and abbreviations. This means I ignore the fact that there might be clues in a photo and I write an abbreviations legend to fit the pattern. I guess that’s just me.

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Self-imposed deadlines are the bane of my existence. They are also something I can’t seem to stop myself from making. Geesh!

I have two friends getting married next weekend. I have a lovely dress that I still need to alter slightly. I have the shoes and everything I need — except something to wear around my bare arms. It’s an outdoor wedding and around here, the first week in October is a little iffy weather-wise.

So I decided to knit a shawl and I’m feeling the deadline looming.

Since the dress is a little retro Capture

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Thanks for the visit

Dear Dan,

Thanks for stopping by this morning. As always, your visits are too short.

The funny thing about dreams is the consistency/inconsistency factor. In the last dream like this, you moved to Japan. In this one you had moved to Italy and had to go back before someone or something caught up with you. I had the sense that whatever it was had something to do with why you committed suicide. Or in the context of the dream, why you faked your death.

Oh, and by the way Fred, Nan and I will be discussing with you why you were in on the faked death thing and didn’t let us know. Saving us the grief would have been the brotherly thing to do for both you and Dan. Just sayin’.

Dan and I already had the discussion, but I have a few more thoughts on the matter.

So back to you, Dan. I don’t really see you living in Italy. France … maybe. Visiting Italy definitely, but not living there.

I asked you, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? You said you wouldn’t choose anywhere but here. I’m not quite sure where the “here” was, but I think it was this town. We both know you wouldn’t choose this town. You liked it and all, however you didn’t want to live here anymore.

“Here” might have been this state or this country, but then there was something about Canadian police and since they don’t have jurisdiction here …

And I’m not sure what kind of animal Diana had there, but I’m not looking after a wild animal. Plus, Diana honey, I understand you want to knit that sweater so it’s warm, but if just do a tiny alteration with your gauge, the sweater won’t be stiff as cardboard. Knitting for charity doesn’t mean we forget the basics. I also think we need a nice wool/acrylic blend instead of all acrylic. There’s a lovely local yarn shop in your town that carries just the thing for your project. Trust me. Kim will take care of you.

So I’ll just put all the really odd bits down to the vagaries of dreams, shall I?

I love and miss you, bro. Please stop by again soon.

I tink, therefore I am …

… cranky.

I’ve been trying to knit a lace scarf for a friend to give as a gift. I’m using Jaggerspun Zephyr in Iris. The pattern calls for NUPPs, but as a general rule, I don’t NUPP. I’m putting a bead there instead. I have one scarf that I made for myself from the same yarn, same bead substitution, the same pattern.

beads, lace knitting on needles
Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark

I know I can do this. It is not that complicated! 

So why, for the love of the yarn gods, why am I having so much trouble? I can count. I’m a reasonably intelligent human being, skilled in the ways of the knitting and weaving. This should not be a problem. But it is.

If it was actually possible to do, I would say I’m tinking more than I’m knitting. But for that sort of negative, I would have to move from unknitting the scarf to ripping out a project that I’ve already finished.

I was knitting on Addi Turbos circs and changed to Chiaogoo bamboo circs. I thought maybe better control over the yarn was the solution. Now I think it might be concentration.

The pattern section that I’m working is relatively easy. That means my mind wanders. My mind wandering is a terrible thing. Seriously terrible thing. I start to think of all the other things I should be doing (the kitchen DIY), the books I should be reading (Mr. Vishous Reyes Kindle is getting restless) and all the yarn that is calling me. The stash in the house is bad enough but the spillover into the storage unit is downright embarrassing! My loom is yelling for my attention and the gift-giving season is screaming in our direction.

So I’m writing a blog post instead of knitting and wondering why this scarf is so difficult. Gee, let me tink … er, think. I meant THINK!