Words from beyond

I’ve been trying to get my condo clean and changed up a bit since it is now actually mine. This entails going through a deep closet that’s beneath stairs leading to an upper unit. I pulled most things out, threw a lot away and am now in the process of going through miscellaneous boxes.

One box held diaries written by my grandfather. At one point, he kept a diary consistently and with sufficient detail that it was admitted as evidence during a lawsuit. A man was suing because my grandfather had hit this man with the car and left the scene of the accident. However, my grandfather’s diary showed that he was home in bed with the flu for several days surrounding the date the man claimed the incident occurred. The suit was dismissed.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I watched that again the other night and thought about you. Big surprise, huh? I went into mom’s room and turned her TV to the channel during out ‘Ikea Nightmare’ scene. I told her about our last conversation and that scene.

There is rumor that I’ll be able to get the Harry Potter books as eBooks soon. That means as soon as I download them to my Kindle, the dead-tree books get sent to the AAUW.

Except for Deathly Hallows. I think I’ll keep that DTB. When I got your cell phone, I saw most of your text messages those last days were about Deathly Hallows.  That was also part of our last conversation on the Monday before. That book stays.

AAUW opens again on the 21st and I have a stash ready to take out there. That Kindle is something else. I have always been a compulsive reader but now I’m even more so. I think you would have enjoyed reading on a Kindle too. Even if you read mostly boring books. j/k

The new season of True Blood begins this week. The 2nd season gave me another “I have to call Dan” moment. Eric sees two kids Sam brought to Fangtasia. Eric said “Look! Little humans. They’re just like real humans, only smaller. They’re teacup humans!” I reached for the phone before I remembered you wouldn’t be on the other end.

Those moments don’t happen often anymore, but they do happen. It’s a jolt.

But I think you would have laughed over that line. Maybe you did as you watched it with me. Or not.

Lena Horne

Dear Dan,

I guess you know Lean Horne died this week. I remember when you and some friends went to see her with Tony Bennett at the Minskoff. That place is huge. The only tickets available were up in the last row of the last balcony.

The usher led you up and up and up until you you were at the top. As she motioned to your seats you said “Can’t we go any higher?” The woman sitting in the end seat nudged her husband and said “Did you hear that? ‘Can’t we get any higher?'” and she almost fell out of her chair laughing.

Keep them laughing and say “hi” to Lena for me.

I love you, bro.