Ripping back and starting again

That’s exactly what I did. The twists where the cable join were not coming out clearly.

I’m going to put two purl stitches in the center to see if that gives a little more definition. I also have to make just one twist instead of two. That’s the problem with variegated yarn.

So here’s where it is now

That’s better. Happier me!

Gloves and cables

I decided to put a cable on the gloves. Two actually. I have one on each side of the wrist. Every two rows I cross a stitch in on both sides. A purl on the outside of the cable makes the cable stand out better than if I knit. 

The inside of the “diamond”  is seed stitch. Every other row is a pattern row. The row in between is a plain row with seed stitch only in the center of the diamond. 

I think I’ll do a double twist where the sides of the diamonds meet.